Alzheimers & Dementia Care – Memory Care Community


Finding a memory care community is a wise idea for your loved one’s future needs. Although some communities offer just memory care, many senior living communities offer both memory care and assisted living.
Learning more about memory care options can point you in the direction that ensures your loved one will be safe and healthy for as long as possible, and that you’ll have reassurance that they’re being cared for. Here is what you need to know when comparing assisted living to specialized memory care communities.
When your loved one receives a diagnosis of dementia, you can feel quite isolated. However, you are not alone, and neither is your loved one. In fact, according to the ALZHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION, more than 5 million adults are currently living with the disease. And these 5 million do not include individuals living with other types of dementia.
All types of dementia present challenges for the person living with the condition and for the family members who love them. One major challenge with dementia is its unpredictability. Dementia is a progressive condition, meaning that day-to-day difficulties will constantly shift, making it hard for family members to help out. Once a loved one thinks they’ve reached a “new normal,” things shift again.
The stress on everyone is persistent, and the progressive nature of the condition means that future planning is especially crucial. You don’t want safety to become an issue overnight, for example. Instead, you want to have steps in place that will keep your loved one safe before any type of crisis situation happens.

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